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Mission of the company running the Park

The Société de Développement et d’Exploitation du Parc d’Activités Economiques de Zarzis (Company of Development and Exploitation of Zarzis Park of Economic Activities) takes charge of :

  • National and International promotion ;
  • Service delivery for potential investors ;
  • Carrying out all works of infrastructure, planning and installation of the Park;
  • Assignment of buildings and/or lands to operators established in the Park;
  • Assistance of operators at all levels, before, during and after setting up their projects.


Proximity Services

  • Civil defence
  • 10 Commercial Banks
  • 11 Maritime and forwarding agents
  • 11 Agents maritimes et transitaires
  • 8 Insurance agencies
  • Other administrative, educative, commercial and entertaining services (municipalities, schools, high schools, markets, hotels, restaurants ...etc)

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Zarzis Park of Economic Activities